How To Grip A Golf Club – Simple Guide 

How To Grip A Golf Club

Want to know how to effectively grip a gold club? The correct way to grip a golf club is an important part of your overall game. A good grip allows you to turn your shoulders freely and hit the ball in the centre of the face of the club. You should have no pain or tension in your hands as you reach this point, but if you do find that, you may need to alter your grip slightly. The best way to learn how to hold a golf club may be from a professional instructor who can watch you swing and make recommendations based on what they see.

Choose the grip type that feels most comfortable to you.

How To Grip A Golf Club
Source: How To Grip A Golf Club

The grip type you choose is a matter of personal preference and comfort. The most common grips are the overhand and finger styles, with Vardon being a hybrid of the two. If you’re new to golf clubs, we recommend trying out each grip style before making any purchases. So that you can find which one feels most comfortable in your hands.

Get the correct grip size.

To find the correct grip size, you need to know your hand size. Grip sizes are measured in inches. They can be found by measuring from the top of your little finger to the bottom of your index finger. For example, if you have a grip size of 4 1/2 inches and your little finger is 3 3/8 inches from the bottom of it’s pad (where it joins with your palm) then you would need a smaller grip. The reason for this is because there needs to be about an inch between where you hold onto the club and where it meets with that pad.

Find the correct way to hold the club.

To get the most from your grip, you will need to hold the club with your palms facing downward; and your thumbs should be pointing toward your body. The correct position of the hands on the golf club makes it easier for you to swing correctly. While also helping prevent injury.

If you are a beginner or new to golf, this may seem like a daunting task. However, by following these steps you can find a grip that works best for you:

  • Stand in a balanced position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure that you’re balanced over the balls of both feet, rather than leaning forward or backwards. Standing with your weight on either side of your foot is also not good. As this can make it more difficult to swing freely and create balance issues.
  • Align your shoulders parallel to the target line. If you have a tendency to rotate right or left when you swing, try standing sideways. So that one shoulder will be closer to the target than the other. This helps prevent over-rotation.

Hold your club.

  • You should not hold your golf club too tightly.
  • You should also not hold it too loosely.
  • Holding the club improperly can affect your swing.

To find the right balance between tight and loose, use this simple test: Squeeze the grip of your driver as hard as possible and then let go of it before swinging. If you were able to swing without any problems after releasing, then you’re holding that club too tightly! On the other hand, if you couldn’t swing at all after letting go of it—or if you felt like something was wrong—then congratulations! You’re holding that club just right!

Don’t tense up when you’re swinging, and don’t forget to breathe as you do it.

In order to grip a golf club effectively, you need to be relaxed. Don’t hold your breath or tense up in any way as you swing the golf club. If you’re tense when swinging, it’s going to be harder for you and make it more difficult for your body to find its rhythm and groove with the movement of each stroke.

  • Take deep breaths while gripping your putter or driver, focusing on relaxing all of the muscles in your body at once. This will help prevent tension from creeping into your shoulders and neck—areas where most people tend to hold their stress when they’re trying something new or under pressure!
  • Make sure that when preparing for a swing, don’t go too hard or too fast; otherwise it could lead you right back out onto the course again just so everyone can see how cool (and athletic) they really are…


Just remember that while there are a lot of specific techniques to learn when it comes to golf, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself. The game is meant to be a positive experience for everyone involved.

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