Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century, and has players (and fans) all around the globe. In the States, Ohio is one of the prime places for playing Gold. This website is dedicated to providing a travel guide for Ohio and all over the world with a specific focus on golf courses. 

If you love cruising around the green hills that are typical of golf courses, you’ll love our content. Not only are we passionate about golf, we also know all the hidden places that your typical tourist wouldn’t know of. Our content will also include reviews of products used in the game, whether it be equipment or other products that are considered extras and do not impact the game. 

We try to be objective in our reviews and hope to guide our readers toward Golf tours in Ohio, all over the United States, and beyond. Whether you’re a beginner at Golf or you already know your way around the golf course, you’ll find something to pique your interest within the articles we publish on this website.

We aim to keep our content informational, entertaining, and up to date. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding any of our articles, feel free to tell our team via the links provided in the contact us page. The members of our team will do their best to reply promptly and accurately.

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